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Biographie Mary Connolly

Exhibition of portraits and caricatures 1 July – 6 July 2012

Mary Connolly was born in Glasgow and trained at the Glasgow School of Art. For much of her career she has been an illustrator in press advertising, but her very wide talents and mastery of different media have led to commissions in landscape oil painting and murals for institutions in Edinburgh and Belfast. At Telford College in Edinburgh she led seminars in art therapy under the title “Meet your Inner Child.” Mary is an accomplished and dynamic illustrator of children’s books and has also illustrated a Spanish grammar!

Mary now lives in Forcalquier. In recent years her own interest has focussed on portraiture and caricatures of the people she meets in everyday life.

In this exhibition, Forcalquier springs to life in Mary’s entertaining drawings. She hopes to make you laugh! You will also appreciate the quality of her ‘straight’ portraits. You may recognise friends and neighbours, the notables of the city, or even yourself! And if the person you are looking for is not there, Mary executes drawings to order for a special occasion or just as a cheerful souvenir of your visit to STUDIO21.


Pour son diaporama clichez ici.

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